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The airport of Mumbai International really bounced back in August 2023 They had 108% more passengers than before!

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In August 2023, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) saw a huge rise in passenger traffic. It was way better than the previous months. Due to its excellent connectivity and world-class infrastructure, the airport witnessed a recovery of 108% in passenger traffic on August 23. Compared to August ’19 (before the pandemic). CSMIA continues to reaffirm its leadership in aviation excellence with growth in both domestic and international passenger numbers, cementing its leading position in India’s aviation landscape.

chhatrapati shivaji international airport
chhatrapati shivaji international airport

The passenger count at this airport

In August 2023, CSMIA recorded passenger traffic of over 4.32 million, an increase of 32% compared to August 2022 (3.2 million). CSMIA had a lot of people flying to and from other countries in August 2023. It was 33% more than the same time last year. They had over 1.1 million passengers, compared to 0.84 million before. CSMIA witnessed a total of 20,711 domestic ATMs and 6,960 international ATMs in August 2023, strengthening its position as the cornerstone of the aviation industry. Delhi, Bengaluru, and Chennai emerged as the top domestic destinations for CSMIA in August 2023, while Dubai, London, and Abu Dhabi remained the most preferred international destinations. Additionally, CSMIA saw significant growth in its international segments compared to the same period last year.

The most popular international spots that are booming.

Some of the top growing international destinations in the month of August include Munich (MUC), which recorded an impressive growth of 150% in passenger traffic, followed by Hanoi (HAN), which recorded a notable growth of 138%. Istanbul (IST) also saw a significant increase of 110%, while Nairobi (NBO) and Ho Chi Minh (SGN) saw an impressive increase of 99% and 96% respectively in passenger traffic compared to August 2022. CSMIA had a great turnout during the Independence Day weekend in August. More than 1.5 lakh passengers flew from there on August 11 and 12, which was an 8.4% boost from the average daily figure (1,39,661) of August 2023. In the domestic sector, IndiGo led with a 48% market share, followed by Air India with 18% and Vistara with 17%. IndiGo was the most popular airline for domestic flights in August 2023. It had almost half of the market share, 48%. Air India came second with 18%, and Vistara was close behind with 17%. For international flights, IndiGo was also the leader with a 22% market share. Air India had 14%, and Vistara had 10%. In August, IndiGo launched its operations in Nairobi and Jakarta from CSMIA, providing passengers with better travel destination choices and convenience.

Additionally, CSMIA saw an impressive cargo tonnage growth of 6% in August 2023 with domestic cargo tonnage increasing by 3% and international cargo tonnage increasing by 8%. Recent passenger traffic numbers at CSMIA, once again, stand as a testament to the airport’s continued growth in the industry. This rapid growth is a symbol of the undying confidence of passengers in CSMIA. This reaffirms the airport’s commitment to providing worldwide connections, world-class hospitality, and services, while ensuring safety and security with paramount importance, leading to seamless transit for all. As it soars to new heights, CSMIA is determined to remain at the forefront, exceed passenger expectations, and set new standards for excellence in the global aviation industry.

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