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The INDIA vs Bharat: A Symbolic Battle Between BJP and Congress that Threatens India’s Unity?

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A war of words INDIA vs Bharat broke out between the BJP and the Congress after a meeting of 26 opposition parties in Bengaluru on Tuesday decided to name their faction I-N-D-I-A, short for Indian National Development Inclusive Alliance. The BJP was quick to react when the opposition group of the erstwhile Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) changed its name to Bharat.

Reaction on INDIA vs Bharat of BJP party.

In its first reaction, the ruling party said that changing the name would not change the character of the group. Soon after, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma removed ‘India’ from his Twitter bio, criticizing the abbreviation of India. His new bio now reads ‘Chief Minister of Assam, India’. Sarma also said in a tweet, “Our civilizational struggle is centered around India and India. The British named our country India. We need to work hard to break free from the influences of the colonial past. Our ancestors fought for India and we will continue to work for India. BJP for BHARAT.

Counter of Congress party in response to BJP

Congress again brought INDIA vs Bharat and tried to corner the Assam Chief Minister by reminding him that many programs of the Narendra Modi government have been named ‘India’. Jairam Ramesh, Congress MP and general secretary in charge of the communications department said in a tweet, “Is the CM of Assam” too many sour grapes in his mouth? Again INDIA vs Bharat continues the decision and said their new guru, Mr Modi, gave us Skill India, Start-up India, and Digital India – all new names for the ongoing programs. He has asked the Chief Ministers of various states to work together as ‘Team India’. He also appealed to vote for India! Ramesh added, “But he fumes when 26 political parties name their coalition India (Indian National Developmental, Inclusive Alliance), and claims that India is being misused”. Reflects ‘colonial mentality’! He should go and tell this to his boss.”

Ramesh also attached a video clip of PM Modi addressing an election rally in Mumbai, possibly ahead of the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. PM says, “We want to say ‘Vote for India’.” He asks the audience to say all his slogans like “to get rid of dynasty rule, to get rid of nepotism, to get rid of corruption, to get rid of inflation, to get rid of misgovernance”. For the unity of India, for one India, for the best India, for the politics of good governance, for the politics of development, for the security of the country, for the safety of all, for home to live, for food, medicine for the sick. To further his point on India, Ramesh said, “Article 1 of the Indian Constitution. India i.e. Bharat will be a union of states.

INDIA vs Bharat

This is the spirit behind the Indian National Developmental, Inclusive Alliance announced today in Bengaluru by 26 political parties… The core message of the Bharat Jodo Yatra: India will connect. The essential message of the Bengaluru conference of 26 political parties: India will win.” Congress MP Manish Tewari tagged Sarma’s tweet and said, “There is no civilizational conflict in India. Samuel Huntington and his clash of civilizations is a myth that even hard efforts to validate would be futile efforts. Article 1 of the Constitution protects that spirit.” India That Is Bharat is a Union of States.”

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